Our Services - Scaffolding Installation & Dismantle Sevices

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The Leading Provider Of Safe Scaffolding Access Installation & Dismantle 

Our Services Include :-

1) Weekly Scaffolding Inspection – Light Duty, Medium Duty & Heavy Duty Scaffold.

2) Scaffolding Labor Erection & Dismantle for Tube/Frame/Modular.

3) Supply Erector / Labour for Installation & Dismantle Scaffolding Tube/Modular/Frame

4) P.E Design & Calculation complete with Endorsement.

Contact Azrul Anuar : 017-3113961 / 019-4808575

About PJMR Scaffolding

PJMR provides scaffold-related services such as weekly scaffold inspection, catch platform installation, P.E. design, as well as health and safety works like risk assessment, method of statement, scaffolding register and safety tag system.